Dating ladies man

See, the problem with dudes who say they want to be friends first before seriously dating is there’s a TRAP inherently located in that ideology.

While there are some AMAZING dudes who will really want to form a strong, sexual pressure-less mental bond with a woman before deciding to date her, there are some dudes who will use the “becoming friends stage” as a way to keep a woman in a dating grey zone where they do EVERYTHING that a couple does (hang out, smash, spend a lot of time together, etc.) WITHOUT actually giving her the title of girlfriend – because he really doesn’t want to give her that title at all – or until he’s finished “having fun”.

According to the some men who prefer Russian ladies rather than other women all over theworld, men pretty sure that these ladies can give them what they want.

It’s a family happiness,bringing up the children, good career and perfect appearance.

Then I asked my friend: are you sure that you want to eat at this café? And a man answered instead of my friend in Russian without any accent: she will like it of course :) A man turned out to be a Russian guy who married a Spanish lady! Sometimes it is easy to read by how a person dresses, especially ladies. Maybe this is why after meeting our ladies in their countries, men want to find their ladies for marriage here? Most of men want to have a strong woman, good householder, perfect cook with an excellentappearance at all who can keep you in difficult situation and give a piece of advice.

She will never forget about her appearancebecause beauty is so important for Russian girls.It was in the middle of the Gothic quarter when a friendly-looking man invited us to his café.Explaining himself with sign language he suggested us either Spanish or English menu, we said: yes, English please, and started looking through it, discussing meals in Russian. You start speaking English with someone and then somehow you realize that this is a person from your country.What also impressed me were people - very friendly and open but as it turned out there were not only natives in places that I visited.I remember a sunny May afternoon, my friend and I were very tired after exploring Barcelona for the whole morning, so eventually we were looking for a place to have lunch.

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