Dating joely

It stars Mark Ruffalo, Tim Robbins and Gwyneth Paltrow, all of whose characters are in the grip of various addictions.Richardson said that the subject appealed for its connection with real life.I don’t know if I can say this in a newspaper …” she said.“But it was a friend of the family who said, 'Wow that proves you had balls, great big ones!“It was stupid because all the chips were against me, but it became easier to take bigger risks because life wasn’t safe.” It paid off.“I got sent a few very nice cards, and one in particular meant a lot.The added difficulty was something so intensely private being so public.

Her best known role - as the conflicted Julie Mc Namara on "Nip/Tuck" (FX, 2003-2010) - earned her both critical acclaim and widespread exposure, though Richardson appeared to favor substantive work over fame.

Richardson is now divorced from from producer Tim Bevan whom she was with from 1991-2001 and they have a daughter together, Daisy, born in 1992.

She is now rumoured to be dating Evgeny Lebedev the Russian billionaire.

And in 2011, she appeared as a bipolar wife in Side Effects, at another off-Broadway theatre.

“It was quite a nutty thing to do, but I’d completely lost my hunger for work. I just wanted to go back to the absolute basics of how I started, which was theatre.

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