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If I would need to date this purely based on its musical qualities I would say it should be from around 1990, almost 10 years after it was actually made.

The sweeping bass line combined with dub elements and reverberating drums and samples, is almost intoxicating.

A story about the meaning of Rastafari, about the emancipation of the mind while the body is kept in chains.

This is clearly not for all viewers, but if you find fascination in the Jamaican culture, in the idea of a free spirit you will enjoy it.

More recently Cure has released the songs "Love Is", "Longing For" and "True Reflections", showing his unique voice and lyrical ability.

He was released from jail on parole on 28 July 2007, after serving 8 years of the sentence. Universal Cure, Jah Cure's 5th studio album, was to be released on 25 November 2008, but was postponed to a "mid 2009" release.

Overall tho this is a dope 12" very ahead of its time ‘How Much Are They?

’ is an absolutely brilliant track, way ahead of its time.

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The physical release was scheduled for 29 January 2013. At the end of 2010, following the success of Jah Cure's single "Unconditional Love" featuring Phyllisia, So Be Entertainment released the second single off Jah Cure's upcoming World Cry album, titled "Like I See It" featuring Rick Ross and Mavado.Jah Cure married TV Host/Producer Kamila Mcdonald on 7 August 2011 in Sandy Bay Hanover.On fire Zimdancehall queen, Lindsay who recently made headlines after alleging she was dating Soul Jah Love has said is not bothered by recent revelations that the Pamamonya Ipapo hitmaker and wife Bounty Lisa are back together.Lindsay whose real name is Mildred Munyikwa rose to fame with her hit song Ukandizembera.

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