Dating finance burnout

The term "professional burnout" really means "emotional burnout" over our jobs and careers.

When someone puts so much of their time, sweat, and tears into their work, only to receive back stress, emptiness, and little satisfaction in return, over time this can lead to overwhelming exhaustion.

The work becomes meaningless and our "wells" are dried up, there is nothing left in the emotional reserves any longer to put back into our professional careers.

Common signals of burnout include apathy, lack of desire for things we once cared about, lack of motivation, emptiness, hopelessness, feeling of being trapped, frustration, and emotional exhaustion.

There are many standardized tests that help identify your talents and skills and match them to new potential careers.

Counseling can also help you financially acheive an extended vacation or trip from work through budget planning and preparation.

Psychologist Andras Agyal articulated this paradox brilliantly in his 1965 book Neurosis and Treatment.When we are stressed, we feel overwhelmed as if too much has been "piled" on us.We feel life and the world "pressing down" on us and unable to keep up or cope. Someone burned out has no motivation, is apathetic, doesn't care anymore, has feelings of hopelessness and emptiness.At the same time, how a couple talks over these stressful problems either reduces or magnifies the tensions caused by the initial problem.Marriage arguments are the last thing you need when you're already trying to deal with a tough situation.

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