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With a large immigrant population (slightly less than 45% speak a language besides English), Mississauga is a great place to meet new friends and potential mates.

One way to do this is through a 25speed dating event, held regularly in Mississauga for different age groups.

“You have to be thinking that you’re worthy of her, that you have something to offer her. ,” the student’s voice tailing upward into a question rather than a statement of conviction.

Otherwise, you’re giving off the needy vibe.”The resulting nods around the table serve as an outward expression of self-reflection. Ask questions that get down to her character and the reasons why she’s doing things (while) communicating your own character.”Next, he says, be prepared for the return volley of questions. And so begins an aimless verbal meander through nothingness, eventually leading to involuntary cringes around the room.

If you are new to town and want to expand your circle of friends, or find that special someone, this is a great way to do so.

“You have a smart girl vibe,” he says, looking at one of his students in a kind of gender twisted role-play. ”Whether such an approach actually works as advertised (unthinkable if it were uttered by me), here’s what’s clear: Shepherd delivers it with charm. “In early encounters, I open up about the highlights of my life,” he tells them. Observational point: men who self-admittedly have little understanding of female reaction may not be the most reliable role-play partners when it comes to female reactions. If you stutter step, it shows hesitation.” The other conversation killer here, Shepherd injects, is the old chestnut question about how your night is going. The secret ingredient: “You’re leading this,” he says. Two instructors dig into their pickup artist grab bag and pull out the so-called “opinion opener” method: Seemingly random and spontaneous questions signifying nothing but nevertheless bridging a conversation in crisis.

Two people saying "yes" to each other means it's a "match".

25then exchanges participants' contact information from them.

Shepherd, a real-life Hitch and international dating coach who has built a career servicing male ineptitude in the pursuit of women, holds a kind of celebrity here. Mike, a 21-year-old university student from London, Ont., offers up basketball icon Michael Jordan as his hypothetical dream dinner mate when asked by Shepherd. “The point is to talk about yourself and say that Michael Jordan is an inspiration that has meant a lot in my life in terms of becoming successful in my own life.

His students have converged in a downtown Toronto hotel from across the province, each dishing out a cool ,000 for a three-day seminar with the California-based Love Systems guru, because things haven’t gone well for them in the bars, grocery stores and coffee shops where they have attempted meeting women who transfix. It’s about communicating your own inner strength and character.”More nods. Meanwhile, I’m pondering the more existential questions about why 20-something men who hang out on university campuses and night clubs are digging into their wallets for ,000 to get help meeting women.“I just needed to get this part of my life handled,” explained one. The more energized and playful alternatives include: “Let me guess. You are getting drunk, your friend is flirting with boys and your other friend is keeping you both out of trouble.”Or, if making the high-difficulty approach to a group of women, consider this, Shepherd advises: “Which one of you is the leader?

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