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Hi Dwight: Let me begin with a preface — if you choose to stay in Orlando, I get it.In fact, as a basketball fan with what I’d like to consider at least a semi-operative conscience, I would have to consider that preferable. The Boston Celtics (the reason this whole “movement” started) are the only team of the modern era that was built via trade, and the only reason it worked (temporarily) was that each (aging) star was sold for pennies on the dollar, thereby allowing the Celtics to retain two players — Rondo and Perkins — who turned out to be better than anyone they’d shipped out.And Kidd-Gilchrist (listed above on my projected roster) is a conservative addition.

Of the “cataclysm teams,” the Heat are the only group I’d list with even a However awful that was. Regardless, the point of exhibit A (and/or “Reason # 1”), Dwight?

For periods of time, I can be a semi-responsible faux-journalist. Kyrie Irving, while just 19, might be the best pick-and-roll prospect to enter the league since you, Dwight Howard (pandering just a touch there…). KI comes off the screen at such a funky pace that he can almost walk a guy right to the rim, and he’s already exceedingly comfortable with his midrange jumper.

This was a strength at Duke, and he’s been re-getting the hang of it pretty early at the NBA level.

I began by laying out all the basketball reasons that the Cavaliers make sense…and now here is the vindictive one. Kobe is scoring like he hasn’t in 6 years, but I can’t say it’s helping the Lakers.

You want to pull ahead of Le Bron James, and we want that for you…but to do it, you have to start heading in the opposite direction. Le Bron is playing better than anyone in the league, but the Heat have lost 3 in a row.

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