Dating bi married

Diamond encouraged me to help others understand that my orientation is more layered than my marriage reveals.

But way down near the start of my Timeline, you'll find me partying with my ex-fiancée's football team after she (yes, she) kicked the winning field goal. We loved having parties at our apartment in suburban New Jersey, going out for half-priced apps at Applebee's, and having overly dramatic fights in public.For years, it didn’t feel like a big secret that I was bisexual, and it didn’t feel that pressing to come out about it—especially after I got married. This is not to assume that everyone is coming on to me—it has more to do with the fact that I’m turned on by everyone, all of the time.Since my husband and I are monogamous, my bisexuality became pretty much invisible. Chances are that if we’ve met, chatted, tweeted, exchanged thumbnails, I probably imagined us having phenomenal sex. But when it comes to the topic of women and sexual desire, people seem to forget that sexual desire and consent are not the same thing and lose sight of that little thing called boundaries.Gays may accuse you of 'taking the easy way out.'" The fact is, I've experienced both highs (being exposed to a proud, rich culture) and lows (feeling judged and degraded) as a member of the LGBTQ community.My membership doesn't go away just because I married a man.

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