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I could write so much more detail about the relationship with this man , the experiences I have had living and working in the countries mentioned above but I really only wanted to share the basic facts I am so glad to see that new people are continuing to find this site , reading the posts can hopefully prevent them from making huge and meaningful mistakes in their life or in some cases receiving valuable support after the realization that they have been cheated and scammed by the Arab (Muslim men ) , for whatever the reasons ie Fınance , Visa's, Green cards , sex etc but at least knowing they are not alone brings comfort and support as it did to me If anyone is considering a relationship or marriage to an Arab (Muslim) and wants any advice (read the posts on this site ) people have taken the time to write them for a reason .Signed off by One very relieved and happy " X " J Note: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the authors alone and not necessarily those of Daniel Pipes. Comments are screened and in some cases edited before posting.most probably will marry one of their own and as they are much better off financially they can be accepted to marry within a better class family if you don't have money the womens family will not accept you as"'he personally experienced this previously when he asked to marry his sweetheart who he had met in university and was refused by her family as he did not have enough money to support her I truly think that is the main reason he decided to target foreigners for marriage , business and money as he found out he couldn't marry the woman he truly loved because of money ..this is what happens in countries such as Morocco Lucky to have lived in this country for work I was able to get very good insight into the local culture , got talking to the locals (some of his friends also ) and was interested most of all how they view foreigners(westerners) etc I have had many conversations(some heated) with locals as they view us as rich, spoiled people , we are totally resented by them , so beware ,if they want you in their life its because they want to get some of your wealth, they don't see scamming people into marriage with their lies to be a sin as they truly think such wealth should be shared equally amongst us , and they are only trying to take whats rightfully theirs , their told me their God does not see any wrong doing as they will provide more for their families and give to the poor !!!!A loophole in the law, penal code article 475, meant a rapist could evade prosecution if he married his victim.This film looks at the human stories behind the Moudawana, how it has modernised family law, and at the progress it still probably needs to make.Moroccan family law is built around the Moudawana, a family code that governs marriage, divorce, child custody, maintenance and the division of assets.

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I agreed to look into the prospect of marriage and that meant I should be introduced to the family(I was now termed as his chosen one ) , family seemed to be very nice , his mother never failed to mention marriage and on one occasion thrust a dress into my hands ..

…I declined of course :) Then came the phone call I had been waiting , he was upset , said he didn't want that we split but his family and friends demanded he finish with me and find someone who would marry him and provide the stable future , I agreed that we should finish for the obvious reasons being that I really did know why he was with me now and as the relationship had been a scam anyway , but I totally resented that the family and friends were making that decision , again it made me very aware of what power the family had over him and that is really worth considering as family and friends come first before the wives.

I also would never live in Morocco as luckily I had been able to spend significant periods there in Essaouira , Casablanca , Mohammadia & Tangier over thıs four year period and had gained very good insight into the culture , religion , the lifestyle of the people , the tasks we faced as a company while working with the locals, the language etc , , I generally found it a very difficult country and culture for many different reasons .

In the last year I have followed the new GF's blogs, she writes publicly about all her visits to Morocco ,experiences of shopping in the souks , eating out etc praises him for his ability to negotiate prices with the locals( like he did for me) and just like me she visited Essaouira many times to be with him, she is now proposing to spend lots more time there later this year with the hope of starting business J so he is correct , she did do all that for him and "very easily too as it seems " in most recent contact he told me he has no job , just enjoying his water sports and learning Spanish language (most probably so he can communicate with his customers when his new business takes off ) (does this sound familiar ) ??

He regularly compares himself to all his other scamming friends , and is so jealous of the ones who have previously married foreigners and spent some time working in foreign countries , as they have returned to Morocco now with much more money enabling them to invest ın their own business , build nice homes (but be noted they have come back alone, no foreign wife ) !!!!

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