Dating a businessman 73 virgin dating service t shirts

4) Your Friends will hate both of you: Everytime you will take him out with your friends, he will keep asking them questions about the companies they work for and their work profile and how things work in their organization.He keeps on forgetting that conversation starts with, “Hello, How are you? ” And if he finds out that your friend works for TCS or something, the evening is ruined.Luckily, I knew the difference but such tests make me feel like I should beat him up right away.6) You will start hating laptops and anything that comes with an internet connection: He can spend his entire life with his Laptop.Really he doesn’t need food, air, bath, people; all he needs is a laptop or anything with an internet connection and he will forget that the world exists.So unless you enjoy a roller coaster ride don’t ride on one.Here’s why dating an entrepreneur is a bad idea: 1) Time, Time, Time: A day has 24 hours and they will work for 25 hours if it’s possible.I sometimes miss being normal and talking about things without bringing business in between.

They come up with great solutions to every problem. If I want Veggies, he would suggest me a website to order Vegetables.Dealers, Customers, Colleagues, Co-founder; another disadvantage of dating an entrepreneur is that he will never talk to you for hours and his phone will be always busy.If you ever get kidnapped or something, he won’t realize you are missing atleast for a week!They will never have time for things like family gatherings, birthday parties and stuff.They will ALWAYS chicken out giving stupid reasons.2) No Money, No Gifts: Well, when you are running a startup, you are always struggling with money.

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