Danica patrick dating tony stewart

  They actually tied the New York Giants - in Yankee Stadium - with a final score of 31-31 in Week 11.  Interestingly enough, the Cowboys bye week was Week 13..final week of the regular season.She also said it is typical for there to be interest in all sides to a story after a wreck.Stenhouse did not have a media session Friday morning.That tie, however, wasn’t a result of their matchup with the Rams.They actually tied the New York Giants - in Yankee Stadium - with a final score of 31-31 in Week 11.“There’s a little bit of a human interest story with having Ricky and I being part of that accident, being there in the same general vicinity,” she said. But at the same time, he was part of the three-wide that made the accident, too, so it’s legitimately something you could ask.” Patrick’s boss, Stewart-Haas Racing co-owner Tony Stewart, said he wanted “to choke” Stenhouse for blocking him during the race.

I was,” Patrick said Friday before practice at Dover International Speedway. “We are just honest about the things that happen,” said Patrick, the only female driver to win a pole for a NASCAR Cup race.

  And - save for the 2013 loss in AT& T Stadium - the Rams and Cowboys had traded wins and losses consecutively dating back to 1986.

In terms of regular season play, the Rams trail 11-12, having been dealt losses - in pretty embarrassing fashion - in the their last two meetings.

Stenhouse raced his girlfriend three-wide late in the race, crowding Patrick, who ended up making contact with Brad Keselowski and causing them both to crash. Tensions are high and so are emotions.” EARLY GRADES: Rating Fox TV coverage | 13 drivers who must step up Keselowski initially took blame for the incident, which knocked him out of the race. “At the end of the day, he probably could have got out of it because he was a couple of laps down. I get racing hard, but we were racing for the lucky dog (position).” This was the first accident between Patrick and Stenhouse since they announced they were dating in January.

MORE DANICA: The wreck | The silent treatment | The threat | Stewart-Haas struggles Earlier this week, Patrick said she and Stenhouse had silent moments in the car on the way home but they eventually talked about the wreck. At the time, there were plenty of questions — and jokes — about what happens when they get involved in a wreck.

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