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Statistics were coming out of the United States that showed that 1 out of 4 young girls would experience dating violence before they graduated from high school. In Love & In Danger reaches up to 35,000 students each year through two annual youth directed conferences, community outreach, and follow up projects and activities in local schools.

Using a train-the-trainer format, teams of youth from each school come together for a dynamic and interactive day of learning about dating violence and woman abuse.

In spite of the fact that nowadays the figures about the incidence of violence against women by spouses or sentimental partners, or in the frame of other kind of affective relationships, are gradually gaining publicity with regard to previous times, it is equally true that there is still a lot of hidden reality to know.

At the same time that several have been the factors contributing to publicize the problem of mistreatment, diverse also have been the elements supporting the silence of the victim, thus posing an obstacle in the search of ways of solution for numerous cases of violence against women.

To our understanding, the uncertainty around the thrashings, derived from the repeated and intermittent violence, is one key element in the long way of the attachment, but not its unique cause.It is possible to deny that in the vast majority of the cases we might observe, the affective partner symbolically At last, from a clinical point of view or from a economical comprehensive perspective, the expression points exactly to what it pretends to define: for anyone who knows what classically means the Stockholm Syndrome, the association between domestic, DSS and violence against women is automatic.In Love and In Danger was developed as a collaboration between Family Services à la famille Ottawa, the Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board and the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board to address the rising concern about dating violence among youth and as much as possible, to stop the violence before it begins.A COGNITIVE BOND OF PROTECTION IN BATTERED WOMEN at the XIV World Meeting of the International Society for Research on Aggression [Valencia 9-14 July 2000], tries to develop a sequential structure of psychophysiologic reactions that finally generates in the female victim a variant of the Stockholm Syndrome, one that we have named Domestic Stockholm Syndrome (DSS).Without entering into complex descriptions here, the DSS will be depicted like an interpersonal bond of protection, built between victim and aggressor, in the framework of a traumatic and stimuli restricted environment, through the induction in the victim of a mental model (inter-situational network of mental schemata and beliefs).

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