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Police told CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL-TV that Roberts met the woman from a “sugar daddy dating” website called Seeking Arrangements. “And somebody’s threatening to kill you if you leave? The situation quickly turned bad: “He’s, like, so mean I just can’t stay.” She describes the home as “a very nice house” in a gated subdivision, with cameras inside.As the dispatcher learns more about what’s happening, her surprise is clear, her tone at times incredulous: “Wait. According to Fulton County property records, the two-story brick home measures 6,806 square feet and is valued at 6,300.While Will’s coming out was complicated and awkward, Blake came out to his parents and they both threw him a coming-out party on the same weekend, , take a moment to cross your heart for sweet, gorgeous Reba Mc Entire).In the shower of doom, Karen and Grace are still low-key drowning.But in their panic, Grace realizes that she needs Karen Walker, and she’s willing to give Karen the raise she asked for at the beginning of the episode. Post dates, Jack and Will decide they don’t want to be daddies, no matter how much of an honor that is.

Throughout the 14-minute 911 recording, the woman repeatedly says nothing illegal is going on but that she’s scared to leave. The woman told the dispatcher she was planning to run out of the house and call a car to come pick her up and take her to the airport because she had to catch a flight home to Orlando, Florida, that friends got for her. CBS RADIO and EYE Logo TM and Copyright 2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. When Will says that Madonna’s “Borderline” got him through a bad breakup in 1994, Blake admits he was actually born the same year. So there’s something wonderful and perfect for all generations when the reboot stops being so “woke” in the second episode in exchange for being relevant.Let’s step away, guys, because you came to this recap for evaluation, right? It’s serving you ’80s daddies (be proud, you sexy tigers) while remembering these ’90s and ’00s (LORD) kids who needed an example. And in the meantime, we get Grace and Karen locked in a shower because comedy is incredible.In Karen’s world, Rosario has been replaced by Bridgette, and honestly, I’m speaking for you all — we’re livid.Unfortunately Shelley Morrison is retired, so we’ll get what we can get.

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