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Russia's communications watchdog Roskomnadzor had recently threatened to block Telegram if the service did not hand over information required to put the app on an official government list of information distributors.

The Russian government requirement came following terrorists' suicide bombings that killed 15 people in Saint Petersburg in April in which terrorists allegedly used the Telegram's app to communicate and plot attacks.

If you are communicating with people on Telegram thinking that your chats are end-to-end encrypted by default, you are mistaken.

So, always make sure that you communicate with people on Telegram using its encrypted chat feature.

Over the same time period, the takedown time for sites hosting malware has been cut from 525 hours to 48 hours, and domains hosting UK government-branded phishing sites now remove the pages in around five hours, down from 45.

Levy’s talk was interrupted by a rather irate conference attendee who accused the agency of setting up a system that could possibly be used for censorship, similar to the UK’s infamous anti-porn firewall.

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But the attendee disputed this, saying that several of his friends have tried to turn off the anti-porn filter with no joy.But such figures – seen as untouchable, unbeatable, and untraceable – are chimeras, and it’s just “adequate pernicious toe-rags” who are doing the hacking, he argued.“We are allowing massively incentivised companies to define the public perception of the problem,” he said.The agency also now acts as a central hub for getting rid of malware or phishing that’s being hosted on domains.By working with ISPs, it has cut the average time to take down general phishing sites from 27 hours in March to one hour this past month.

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