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After spending almost 30 years appearing in movies and television shows, Tobin Bell was cast in the chilling role of Jigsaw in the franchise.

Mastermind sat down with student, as Bell joined Costas Mandylor, at the film’s press day, to talk about making this long-lasting film franchise, soon to be turned into 3-D in its next installment.

But, the directors always keep track of everything.

And, I get phone calls, late at night, from Tobin, who has been a great help, too.

All of that is great, when something is as disjointed as the films are. Do you guys have a familiarity of what you may be getting into, from one installment to the next?

Best on what you did in the previous movie, do you have any idea where that might be headed, or is it a surprise every time?

,” and she fled to the other end of the restaurant. Had we been on a crowded street, she wouldn’t have been so scared. They ask me questions while I’m trying to put on my shoes, but they’re always very friendly and enthusiastic, as most When you guys get on set and you see what these traps are, are you still surprised at the inventiveness of them?

In the wintertime, when we go to Toronto, is when the script comes together. He gets into a little bit of trouble and thinks he loses his way, which makes it a little bit exciting. I’m sure that Darren Bousman had a hand in creating those rhythms, but Kevin has had his hands on the wheel since the first film.

He knows the rhythms of these films, he knows the way the music works and he knows what the potential is, in the editing room.

If you’ve ever spent any time in the editing room, it’s grueling, and half the process is keeping fresh because you’re looking at the same thing, over and over and over again. Kevin knows these films inside and out, and he knows their rhythms. He was ready to do it, and I think he did a great job. Because the continuity of this film series is created through the use of the flashbacks, is it difficult, as an actor, to keep track of where you are, how you should be feeling, what’s happened prior and what’s happening next?

Mandylor: I’ve always gotten great help from the directors because they’re so involved.

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