Consolidating payroll fein

Both of these situations put undue hardships on those building "very small businesses" (less than 25 employees). I have 12 employees, consequently, the manual approach to filing a 941 is more troublesome than burdonsome.

One Federal EIN per "individual" is a very narrow minded approach to an identification and reporting system for the businesses in our country. However, when you do this 4 times per year and occassionally the numbers are combined incorrectly, the efforts to cure the problem can become costly.

Public, so there is NO distinction between the businesses, and they should be reported together.

If you're looking for separation, you should consider forming two corporations.

It is your job to consolidate the entities for federal and state reporting.

This is why big companies create new entities so they can handle operations separately.

The FEMA group required information on both and combined it because I only have one Federal ID.

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Does anyone have a suggestion or am I alone with this problem? I can definitely see if you are processing payroll for two different companies in two different data files and then preparing one 941 with combined data manually where that would cause errors. Have you considered outsourcing your payroll to help eliminate some of the headaches and errors.As for the availability of a Federal Grant, in the event of a Natural Disaster, there is no logical reason for making the two businesses mutually exclusive.The sole purpose of the support offered by a Federal Grant following a natural disaster is to help the business recover as quickly as possible and protect the jobs, taxes and potential growth it represents.After years of requesting help from the IRS, I'm beginning to feel like I am the only Sole Proprietor in the country that owns more than one company with employees.Two problems are generated by the inability to have seperate EIN's for each company.

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