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This 10-second video is like The Notebook, Titanic, and Romeo and Juliet combined, but with even more love because LOOK AT DRAKE’S SMILE, YOU GUYS!True fans will recognize this smile from the iconic Degrassi episode when wheelchair Jimmy finally gets it up.Drake is clearly taking tips from bae, a woman who knows that failure simply isn’t an option.I guess that means that Meek Mill and Maria Sharapova sort of have something in common.Both Serena, 35, and her sister Venus Williams, 36, founded the center, which offers assistance to victims of violence.It is named after their half-sister Yetunde Price, who was murdered in 2003.It’s funny to watch them pretend it’s not a thing: When asked by a reporter about her relationship with Drake, Williams rolled her eyes before responding, “We’ve been friends for, like, so many years...Just like family.” Unless she’s talking Game of Thrones-style family dynamics, we’re pretty sure that’s bullshit.

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Drake’s discography mentions more than 129 specific women.Now Drake and Serena Williams (yes, he’ll be taking her last name) seem poised to become hip-hop’s next great power couple.We dissect why everyone (excluding the exotic dancers of America, the side ho union, and Drake’s Internet provider) is obsessed with the star couple.Drake’s latest gym day selfies are exactly what Justin Bieber thinks he looks like in the mirror.It’s only a matter of time before Champagne Papi starts serving us the Woman Crush Wednesday Instagrams Williams deserves.

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