Cod4 steam pb not updating

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updated 16th May 2013 : Co D and Co D2 added to headline, upload stays unchanged.

I had already installed the COD4 stuff no problem (running Win7Pro on my Mac).

I can email the pb folder if the one here doesn't work for whatever reason and anyone wants to try a different folder. Didn't know there was one (not that I play much COD4--usually about 1 hour every 7-10 days, almost exclusively on lamronsplayground server [FFA only, no punkbuster, everyone starts out equal with gobs and gobs of loadout options].

I was testing out the rotation a few minutes ago when a couple of players came in. The Level 55 player got kicked quite soon after joining for Punkbuster problem.

Disclaimer: This is a workaround to install the latest punkbuster update released for games with discontinued punkbuster support using the original tools and update resources released by

No fixes, updates or support will be delivered, this workaround is delivered as is.

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