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It's not been one I've used myself since 12 (other than the store for dlc), though I don't feel I've missed out by not doing so.

Caws don't feel right when all you see is a WWE logo for their titantron The online on next gen since 2K15 has been awful. We want to be able to find a match within 10 damn minutes. And I would say that facing random players is competitive. And having cheap players isn't a thing to leave alone.

Totally alienated a segment of the audience who stood loyal to the franchise throughout the years as competitive online players. Anytime me and my friends try finding a match in ranked, it literally takes us at least 10 minutes to find one. Simply give us the old online format where you had ranked/player match lobbies and can choose who you wanna play. That's something that need to be stopped, not separated. I say this as a longtime competitve online Sv R/WWE player so my perspective may be different from yours, but the charm of the online community is that we all felt connected in a way.

god just searching for a CAW is a nightmare It would never work till the online is upgraded , that is the sad truth , hopefully the new WWE 2k engine helps there ... But Call of Duty, I'm not sure what you're getting at with that.

From what I gather the servers have been pretty terrible so that should be sorted before they add too many things.

This just hit like a ton of bricks while making a caw, Why hasn't THQ or 2K ever attempted an Online League Mode? If anything, it would add new depth to online and make it easier to meet people that play the way you want to.

Other franchises have catered to that segment of their audience while we all very much feel like the recent WWE games have alienated us.

What makes the online matchmaking more convenient than online lobbies?

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