Church bans interracial dating harrisburg dating com

Rice previously had said, "most intelligent people would prefer to have Jim Crow laws than to have unrestrained intermarriage between the races. God does not approve of interracial marriage, and many great fundamentalist Baptist preachers also teach/taught against it (Dr. Bob Gray, etc.)" It is useful to note that these two "great fundamentalist Baptist preachers" ran into problems.

Interracial relationships were not an issue in the Christian high school, or the seminary that I attend.Jerry Falwell called the arrest "a bump in the road." What is mind-boggling to many people is that fundamentalists are still debating amongst themselves on issues that the nation, as a whole, settled almost half a century ago. Virginia, in 1967, was only accepted in principle by Bob Jones University a third of a century later.And it is still be debated at the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church today.But that because they were all white schools by policy.Other fundamentalists push against interracial marriage but don't want to get caught openly in a racist stand.

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