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Cee Lo thinks she looked beautiful and sounded "better than ever", saying that he loves how she always seems committed and sings with conviction every time she's on stage.

Adam jokes that he was surprised she came down to sing in his face before saying that Carrie Underwood is hard to sing and there were some iffy spots in the track where her voice couldn't quite reach the right register.

However, he knows she can do it and thinks it's the right direction for her to go in as an artist.

She's doing Pink's 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)', which Blake knows is a really hard to sing.

Blake has always been a big fan of hers and is happy that she did a country song and made it her own.

Christina found it playful and cute, and wants America to realise how difficult Adriana's song choices are every week as the best is yet to come for her.

This week, she's singing Carrie Underwood's 'Good Girl'.

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There's no time to waste, and we're moving right along to another of Christina's singers, Adriana Louise.I'm beginning to think this wasn't such a great song choice for her, after all.Christina always enjoys her and thinks she's come really far and has become one of her down to its final 12 contestants, but here we are. No coach is guaranteed to have a team member in the finale - it's completely based on viewer votes. On stage, it's a bit iffy - the first verse is in a register that's slightly too low for her comfort zone and comes off as slightly out of tune.And this time, it's completely up to America to decide who moves forward. By the time she hits the chorus, she sounds a bit better, but she still gets drowned out by the heavy backing track and seems almost as if she's screaming instead of singing.

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