Christian carter interviews dating relationship experts

There are many articles and videos that are supposed to lead you to the information you're seeking, and just when you think you're there in the home stretch, it tells you to purchase or buy something else, that "supposedly" has the answers you're seeking.

Christian Carter has a very unique series out there from his Catch Him and Keep Him line called Interviews With Dating and Relationship Experts.

He gives no practical advice about relationships, just whines and complains about all the things men (meaning him) find irritating about women. I would much more prefer Steve Harvey's Think Like a Man book before investing in this mess.

The whole book is full of anecdotes about how women are annoying to men. This book is the poster child for why self publishing can be a disaster. This book and all of christian carter's information is not worth your money.

I expected to purchase a product that was in working condition and was very disappointed and felt ripped off.

He also doesn't use all that many words, so he put the book in huge font to make it take up more pages. But at least it was someone else's money wasted and all I had to do was put up with the hilarity for an hour or so. It's unfortunate, but this book, and all of Christian Carter's so called relationship advice... Christian Carter talks A LOT about how he's going actually tell you HOW to do this or HOW to do that... What he does, is talk about all the stuff he's going to share with you, and then refer you to another publication that asks you to pay more money to get the advice that you thought you already paid for.

What the interview series is - is a CD audio series that Christian Carter sends out to his subscribers every month with a new interview that he does with a different dating expert or relationship expert every single month.

These Interviews With Dating and Relationship Experts are great for a number of reasons.

What I am trying to do is to post a synopsis of a new interview by Christian Carter here every month, so my list to the left of Christian Carters Interview Series will be growing.

I highly recommend, however, that you subscribe yourself, because I cant tell you everything that is in the INCREDIBLE interviews every month!

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