Check group policy is updating

When complete it will show you the ‘sum total’ of all policies being applied – it can also show you any problems that are occurring.The next best place for troubleshooting group policies is the Event Viewer on the target machine.So I’ve finally got round to writing a post I can simply reference!

This procedure could be achieved either by using Remote Desktop Connection and executing the command locally in Powershell or by creating a script then using the Invoke-Command cmdlet with the gpupdate in its script block.

(This avoids all user and computer policies being seen and applied at the same time.

So between 60 minutes and 120 minutes if you are going to wait.

You also need to make some changes to the machines firewalls.

Luckily you can also do that with group policy, and Microsoft have already written the policy for you, (it’s in starter policies).

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