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“I kept a single mother in Chile company while she folded laundry.

I declined a hit from a massive bong at a party in Spain. I talked at length with a blue-collar resident of Anchorage about the job market there.

That some choose to use it as a low-fi version of “The Circuit” — the instant sex partner search in the movie “Logan’s Run” — just means this is the Internet.

“You don’t see many women exposing themselves,” said my awesome chat partner.

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My awesome chat partner, who used video of a train zooming through Norway as his onscreen stand-in, sifted out some interesting stuff: “In the past 48 hours, I helped a sixteen year old Finnish girl with her English homework,” he wrote.Certainly naked ladies do pop up in the growing Chat Roulette screen-grab galleries on the Internet.Thanks to these galleries, Chat Roulette is rapidly becoming a meme you can enjoy without having to actually experience it — kind of like “Two Girls, One Cup” and “The Jersey Shore.” The You Tube reaction videos and the "Saturday Night Live" sketches are hilarious even if you’ve never seen the source material. Unfortunately, in my Chat Roulette explorations, I did stumble upon the repulsive “Two Girls, One Cup.” Someone chose to use the legendary gross-out porn clip as stand in on his or her (probably his) video feed.Once on the site, you click the link, and in less than a minute, you’re connected with a random stranger whose video window appears on the screen, right above yours.You can then chat via text, or talk if each user is sound-enabled.

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