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Her upbringing didnt allow for such emotional folly.She calmly and rationally went over the options as she saw them. There would be no monetary gain in this, as it was her family fortune that fueled Maxwells pet projects.Secondly, a divorce would merely free Maxwell to carry on a relationship with Melanie in public. Almost from the beginning, Andrea had had her suspicions.Melanie Swift, the smoking-hot blonde as Drummond had put it, was Maxwells personal secretary. So thinly veiled was their tryst, that Andrea had been forced to use the tawdry services of Mr. The two had made it ridiculously easy for him to capture their adultery on film.Many times, she thought she would go mad at Maxwells sexual torments. But as more pieces fell into place, the more certain she became, that the plan would work. She paid bi-weekly visits to her psychic (whom, by the way, had not warned her of this development), and took natural supplements provided by the herbologist shed just dialed.A few discreet questions later, and she found that he did indeed have what she was looking for.Hesitant at first when the topic had been raised, it hadnt taken long for Andrea to become a willing participant.

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He didnt know beans about shoes, except to know that these would probably cost him a weeks salary. A light sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks gave her a remarkably youthful appearance.

That oath meant something to her, even if the same could not be said for Maxwell.

Besides, shed always known that Maxwell was a notorious playboy.

Author's Note: Ive drawn a great deal from pleasure posting 1st and Goal and other stories here, and the positive responses theyve garnered.

I plan to continue posting most of my older works, but am starting off with something new.

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