Channing and amanda bynes dating

Contacted at his home in California, Channing’s father, Glenn M.

They got engaged in Maui in September 2008 and tied the knot on July 11, 2009 in Malibu, California.

Obviously, his dad is talking about Channing being in a relationship with Jenna.

This solidifies the fact that the picture thing is probably just a big misunderstanding.

“Channing has been in a committed relationship with another young lady, also an actor, for about six months,” Glenn says.

“She’s been in Japan working for the past three weeks, but they’ve been in touch nearly every day she’s been gone.” Glenn — who says Channing and Amanda were in NYC to do promotional work for their film — adds: “Friendships were formed [during filming], and many of these people have stayed in touch, including Chan and Amanda.” We’ll see.

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