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Cell Enter occurs after a cell gets the focus and Cell Validated occurs when the focus is about to leave.kernelcoder, first off thank you for your time!I realized I forgot to thank you in my previous response.When the 'current' cell will get focus or when the 'current' cell will loose focus or ...?Well, in my case, the message box is showing up when the current cell's column index is 3(the 4'th column) and if the current cell's content matches any 4'th column's cells (except if the current cell is not the same as the 4'th column's cell).The first issue that I am having trouble with is moving the selected cell after I cancel an edit. I am trying to do this at the end of the below code listing ("If flg Cancel Then...").

Hi all, I need to override the event that is fired when I hit the Enter key in a datagrid.If you have any tips, I'd appreciate it very much if you send them my way.Honestly, I can't see a difference, since the Cell Enter event occurs when the cell receives focus, and the e.I only want the message box to appear when I hit Enter after entering something and the content of the current cell (in the 4th column) is a duplicate of another cell in the same column. You need to handle the Selection Changed event too.If there are no duplicates, the Enter key is used to proceed from one row to the one immediately below in the same column. You need to handle the Selection Changed event too. Please try the following code and let me know if it is clear to you and if it works for you.

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