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The storm is expected to pass just north of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, bringing hurricane force winds to northern sections of the island, likely causing mudslides and flooding.In the Bahamas, emergency evacuations have been ordered for six southern islands — Mayaguana, Inagua, Crooked Island, Acklins, Long Cay and Ragged Island.The UK Government's response to Hurricane Irma in British overseas territories has been branded "absolutely pathetic." Dorothea Hodge, the former UK EU representative for the government of the Caribbean island of Anguilla, said the UK should invest in long-term reconstruction to help the island community.She told : “It’s absolutely disgraceful that it has taken the whole day for Priti Patel to respond to the worst hurricane we have seen in a British territory since the 1920s." Ms Patel said she had deployed three UK humanitarian experts and a British naval vessel with 40 Royal Marines and army engineers to the region.“In terms of material damage, the four strongest buildings on the island of St. There is no power and no public water and it appears it may take a long time to restore,” he told CNN. Barts was under a meter of water and is out of service, according to an update posted to Twitter by the government of the neighboring French territory, Guadeloupe.Martin have been destroyed,” which meant that weaker structures likely had been damaged or destroyed, French Interior Minister Gérard Collomb told reporters. Maarten, said his home — which has a concrete roof and hurricane shutters — was spared, but many other homes suffered damage. “From my balcony alone, I count at least 24 homes and apartment building with either partial or entire roofs missing.” Van der Hoek said he get power from a generator. “Firefighters have taken shelter in an upstairs room. Martin has been damaged, the update from Guadeloupe said, and the mayor and 23 others took shelter in a concrete-walled room.Ms Hodge added: "Anguillans are all British nationals, as British as the Falklands or Gibraltar. We have huge trees and some of our oldest trees are still lying across the roads, roads are remaining impassable.

If we are indeed supposed to be in a partnership, it should work very much more effectively than it is now." : “What is needed now is a commitment to an immediate effective humanitarian, response, food, water, shelter, emergency health care, and a long-term reconstruction fund to get the island back on its feet after this battering.” The Caribbean island of Barbuda has been left as a scene of "total carnage," after Irma, and the tiny two-island nation will be seeking assistance from the international community to rebuild, its prime minister has said.Heavy-polluting countries should bear their share of the financial burden of severe weather caused by climate change, Mr Browne added.(CNN) — Reports of fatalities and widespread damage in northern Caribbean islands began to emerge Wednesday night after Hurricane Irma blasted through, packing devastating winds and rain.He said the bill was likely to come to around 0m (£77m) which was "definitely beyond our means", meaning the country will have to appeal to the international community for help."This is a disaster of unprecedented proportions and I think the international community ought to step in and to assist, and as a member of the Commonwealth we would appreciate any assistance that can be extended by the UK and other Commonwealth countries," he said.

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