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Young people, he said, have an easier time grasping the concept of intrinsic worth, as do First Nations people.

It’s older people and white people, he said, who struggle with it the most.

“We’re screening harder because we think we’re entitled to more.”At the same time, he explained, there’s a dangerous stasis in the city.

Generally, no one is working as hard as the Edmontonians or Torontonians to meet each other.

To him, it’s simple: love is happiness; “it’s more fun than anything you can imagine.” He suggested this, like the concept of Namaste—the divine in me greets the divine in you— is a spiritual-relationship theme that extends across faiths and time: the Upanishads, Buddha, and so on.Rahma’s sister, Fina, said that men demanded an answer to their marriage proposals within 24 hours of meeting.And just like most dating scenes, the women inside the dormitory often engaged in squabbles and gossip that left the sisters even more unsettled."The manner of the women inside the dorm is very different, it is very far from Islam," the third sister, Noor, said.A breakup 18 months ago left her raw, she told the . She said she’s not emotionally ready for a partner again.But the South American men easily coaxed out her inner vixen.“They’re fabulous,” she gushed. I don’t have that.”The city isn’t the problem, according to Diederik Wolsak, the founder of the Choose Again Center for Attitudinal Healing.

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