Explore CAM Online Once you have earned the CAM credential, you will receive an email from Pro Exam Vault with an invitation to claim your Digital Badge, which allows you to market yourself as an apartment professional with valuable skills.

Learn More The CAM credential requires annual renewal based on the anniversary date of completion.

It will be interesting to see if Nest responds with a similar plan. It's good because you are not wasting your home bandwidth by constantly uploading video to the cloud.

One thing I did notice is it appears that the Cloud Cam only records video when it detects movement. Again this can be an issue if you have more then one camera and your home network streams alot of TV.

It does have the key features though, which works for me.

The one thing missing, is the ability to share the camera with someone else.

We propose a simple technique to expose the implicit attention of Convolutional Neural Networks on the image.

It highlights the most informative image regions relevant to the predicted class.


But for each camera it cost 0 a year for a 10 day recorded backup subscription.Also if you live in one of the unfortunate areas where your internet provider caps or charges you extra with data limits then this can be a major issue.But with the Cloud Cam you are only sending what's needed.You even have the ability to rotate the camera a bit to make sure the image is level. I received a setup instruction email from Amazon when the cloud cam delivered that directed me to download the app.All I had to do was plug in the camera and wait a few minutes for it to pair. The cloud cam comes with a mounting disk and screws so you can attach it to a ceiling or wall.

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