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After leaving Phantom, she performed in a tour of Lloyd Webber's music throughout England, Canada and the United States, and performed Requiem in the Soviet Union.

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The two married in 1984, and Brightman appeared in Lloyd Webber's subsequent musicals including The Phantom of the Opera and Song and Dance, as well as the mass Requiem, which was written and composed for Lloyd Webber's father.The original cast album was the first in British musical history to enter the music charts at number one.Album sales now exceed forty million worldwide and it is the biggest selling cast album of all time, and has gone six times platinum in the United States, twice platinum in the UK, nine times platinum in Germany, four times platinum in the Netherlands, 21 times platinum in Korea and 17 times platinum in Taiwan.She was also briefly with Pan's People after they parted with their host show Top of the Pops in 1976.Brightman, now solo, released more disco singles under her own label, Whisper Records, such as "Not Having That! In 1979, Brightman appeared on the soundtrack of the film "The World Is Full of Married Men" and sang the song "Madam Hyde".

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