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Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn is doing his best impression of Mike “I’m not gay. According to TMZ, Quinn’s lawyer has sent a cease-and-desist letter to a homosexual-dating website demanding that photos of Quinn be removed from the advertisement. Evidently Quinn is willing to go so far as to fight gay people to prove his heterosexuality.

While it is normal, and expected, that a professional athlete would not want his image used for advertising without his permission, it is quite another matter to go out of one’s way to deny he is a homosexual.

"Brady is a Cleveland Brown and that's not anything we're looking to do."Quinn's 4-bedroom, 5...

Read Full Story Man, the Cleveland Browns training camp sounds like an absolute snake pit.

They each bring a different skill set to the table and each brings something different when you look at them. Elijah (Sindelar), you’re going to see a difference and even in running ability.

There are a couple of things that come to mind in that regard.

Then other names began being called while Quinn sat, waited and hoped.Based on what you’ve seen why is this working right now?Answer: Both quarterbacks are playing well enough where it’s allowed their team to win.To quote The Bard, “The Brady doth protest to much, methinks.” Here are a few suggestions for Quinn: As a side note, Coach Charlie “I looked at myself and saw a disaster” Weis, may want to get in contact with Quinn’s lawyers.Not to appeal the jury verdict “You Are Fat” from his failed-gastric-bypass lawsuit, but to represent Jimmy Clausen.

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