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Following World War II, the defeated Axis power adopted a pacifist constitution, and rested securely, as it is supposedly still is, within the U. “nuclear umbrella.” The nation’s military is known as the Japan Self-Defense Force and, though well equipped and trained, has restrictions on deployment.Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to modify the pacifist constitution.The wail of the emergency siren reverberates across the school’s playing field, conjuring a primal fear even before the words “Missile launched! “We haven’t got a nuclear shelter or even strong buildings, so this is all we can do,” says Nakamura Takashi, an official of Sakura City in Japan’s central Tochigi Prefecture, who helped to organize the missile defense drill at the local Kamimatsuyama Elementary School on Sept. “The government says you have a much higher survival rate if you crouch rather than stand up.” Pyongyang’s relentless pursuit of a nuclear arsenal capable of striking the continental U. North Korea loathes Japan because of its colonization of the Korean peninsula prior to World War II. Two dozen men, women and children—many wearing bonnets and wet neck towels against the blazing sunshine—scamper across the shingle expanse before squatting down low with arms covering heads. But it is Japan that lies on the nuclear front line.

The manufacturer says it can withstand 15 tons of crushing force.“We slept downstairs so if we heard the missile alert we could be in the shelter in just one minute,” she says. Shelter companies in California and Texas have reported an upsurge in Japanese orders in recent months.Nuclear calamity is as much a part of contemporary Japanese DNA as sushi or manga comics.An outsized framed picture of a cartoon mermaid jars incongruously with her suburban Tokyo living room’s quaint floral wallpaper.In the opposite corner is the single mom’s newest statement piece: a box-like steel shelter the dimensions of a single bed, where Hiroko and her eight-year-old daughter can retreat in case of emergency.

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