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I am not here to define what femme or feminine means, if you feel like you would enjoy the group then you are welcome, I don't care how you dress or how long your hair is, I'm just interested in bringing quality women together.No one fits into these labels one hundred percent so please don't hesitate to join if this looks like a group that you would enjoy being a part of.First and foremost I hope to create some wonderful friendships!This group is Private, only members of this group have access to event and member info.Put a girl in front of me to have my fun and I think I'd run away lol!!Xx I don't wish to p*** on anyone's fire here, but one word of advice is to speak with your partner.

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This does not mean we don't like men, or discourage the dating/marrying of men..don't feel that way at all.We do exist, it's not a phase and we aren't confused (any more than you are)!!Bi-friendly female identified women of all orientations are welcome!I would have to get to know the girl a bit before jumping into bed with her tho! xxx Iv been with a girl years ago, I loved it, it was amazing.Lol I have seen how many women are bi curious even though they are in a relationship. I am in a happy relationship but am wanting to see what the curiosity is... I prefer to lick a female then such a male haha problem is I don't know how to find someone in my area to do it again I'm 23 from Shropshire I have this feeling too, but I don't want to just hop into bed with a girl.

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