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Fedora might no longer own the place, but it retains its classic New York appeal: low lighting, leather stools, stiff drinks, and great food. Prune is best known for brunch, when no reservations are taken.And if you’re willing to wait, the food (and the Bloody Marys) will be great.

On first glance, it just looks like a casual wine bar - but the food here also happens to be pretty incredible.If that makes you picture some rooftop lounge with views of the Empire State Building and shiny leather booths and elevator music in the background, we don’t mean that kind of “sexy.” Mimi is legitimately sexy thanks to a combination of attractive French waiters, tightly packed tables, and a marble bar that turns out ice-cold martinis.The food is funky, modern French stuff like beef tartare with quail yolk. Whether you’re just starting to really get to know someone or you’ve known them for a while, it can never hurt to remind someone that you know where the cool sh*t is.The perfect date night spot falls midway between safe and sexy.You want to be 100% sure it’s going to be excellent - but you also want to avoid being too predictable.

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