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It's small, intimate feel may have led you to pass it by when you've been downtown before.

But when you head in the rustic vibe will give you and your date a chance to relax and listen to some awesome music, its a great way to explore a new side of the city.

Why do you think so many Nicholas Sparks movie's have at least one sweeping panorama of a vast waterfront? Grab a coffee from one of these cafes, and head down to Lake Ontario to watch the boats sail and birds fly. ) Sitting on a bench overlooking soaking in the romantic Notebook-esque setting while getting to know your date?

It's literally what dreams are made of, hey now, hey now.

That may have been a little bit of an exaggeration but the bar is still pretty f*cking cool (It's literally a bar in a Mansion).

It's also the perfect place to go to see some great musical talent, from artists like PUP to Johnathan Roy, it'll set a great tone for Why it'll get you a second date: With drink specials like Schooners every day for only 8.25, you'll actually have enough money for the second! But seriously, the vibe here is just the right mix of cool and casual to start that @annettechatz Why settle to having a date in a room with 4 walls when you can head to one with 5 walls, and tons of bouldering you can climb on!?

This small craft brewery not only offers a laid back yet hip atmosphere for you and your date, but it's also a tap room, bottle shop and brew house.

Inspired by Belgian brewing and the American craft beer revolution, this local gem is perfect for dates who want some high quality beer, amazing food, and great times.

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Being a legitimate brewery not only makes gives it an A-list cool level, but it also means you'll get to enjoy some great beer like Uncharted IPA and Windward Belgian Wheat.Why it'll get you a second date: sometimes the simplest ideas really are the best.No need to go for a huge flashy fire works date here, the beauty of Lake Ontario and the Kingston Waterfront is sure to get that natural vibe that first dates rarely get too. Show off your very hip, indie, grunge, bad boy (but secretly a poet) side by heading to The Mansion!Rock climbing is a great first date acitivity to switch things up and even better, it offers a new way to get to know your date. This location has over 80 climbs including Canada's highest indoor climb making one of the best places for rock climbing in Kingston. You're dangling from a rope with a harness wrapped very awkwardly around your crotch, it pretty much eliminates all those first date jitters because you have so many other things in your way.And don't worry about any long silences because you'll have tons to talk about, ie. Why it'll get you a second date: There's something about the terrifying aspect of rock climbing that really helps people unwind. It's a great way to just let go and have a great time getting to know your date, why not spark up your competitive side and race up the 100 ft. via @thedarlingadventure Located in the heart of downtown Kingston is the crowd favourite, Stone City Ales (and crowd favourite for an very justifiable reason).

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