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At times the declarations are a little frightening. That's why it was so weird when that guy walked over and asked, "What's a blog? Eva added in the comments: My favourtite moment of the night was when Maria met The Armchair Garbageman. You know, I've always wanted to be a garbage officer. BLAMB: Hey, I saw Quon'dar on the street the other day, what's he doing back in town? While the human cast is more wooden in the prequels, the non-human cast is much more active.

One chunk of text announced that the city is a "triumph over nature" and with the threat of a bird flu pandemic and who knows what else lurking on the horzon, I said a little prayer out of fear of being smited by the alien overlords. BLAMB: It was two events in one, so she had to get twice as loaded. Her reaction, without pauses in between, went like this: "OH!!!!! One time I saw a guy who was walking his dog, and then the dog went like this [re-enacts dog bowel movements] and I didn't want to say anything, because I'm from the murder capitol of the world! For the first half hour of Sith, R2-D2 is so bouncy, it's distracting and annoying.

After Christie's farewell/b-day geekout party, Merv & I compared notes over ice cream ... BLAMB: Two Dans (well, Dan #2 who was given a field promotion to Dan #1), eight Evans, twenty-seven Alexes, an Aleks and nine hundred and seventy-three Wills. When we first arrived, I talked to Dave for a bit and he asked me if I was single and after I said 'no', he didn't talk to me again for the rest of the night! BLAMB: Looking for love in all the wrong places ... I told her that she should change her blog design, make it orange and colourful to match her personality and not so ? I gave her all sorts of good dating advice months ago, and she disregarded ALL OF IT. MERV: Is Kat really the "most senior blogger" in Toronto? And Nug, who you met when we arrived, is an internet icon: the world-famous Mustard Man! BLAMB: I figured everybody would have had cameras at such a large geek gathering. The only sound was the snow crunching lightly beneath his boots, he paid no attention to the field of wrecked cars around him, casualties of the National Energy Program. The Prime Minister froze and held his breath, waiting to see what the beast would do. Levesque's mocking scowl again sounded, "What are you going to do? "Trudeau's eyes glimmered, "Just watch me." Trudeau pulled a proton grenade from his coat. Trudeau walked back towards 24 Sussex in the quiet snow. Blogebrity has moved up to third place in the Contagious Media Showdown. In , Luke is pulled right to the brink of the Dark Side and he gives Darth Vader a good thrashing but turns it around at the last second. This could also be partly a result of digital filmmaking: because everything needs to be so meticulously planned, there are no opportunities for improvisation or happy accidents. Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me: At the moment I'm putting together music for spinning classes, so that's influencing my listening:1.

MERV: It was weird meeting all of those bloggers in real life. BLAMB: I guess Rannie and Eva were the only people you'd met before. BLAMB: More than that, she's been blogging since before blogging. Ghosts of happy families on summer vacation called out from the rusting vehicles, asking if the good times were all gone. The voice of his old adversary, Rene Levesque, cackling in the back of his mind, "You prevented me from separating the country. Trudeau ran and weaved through the wreckage, but the mole simply smashed through it in pursuit. I just got a call from Rannie, Maria and Kelly who are at the Sky Dome and saw someone who looked like me on the Jumbotron sitting with a "dark-haired woman". It's a distant third, but the idea has legs so it could gain if you link and visit. Events in the prequels, including Sith, simply go from A to B to C to D to ... Another thing you notice in the prequels that you don't see at all in New Hope and Empire is the need to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING. Ask the Lonely - Journey This one is going to make my wacky 80s cycling mix ROCK! Valley Girl - Frank Zappa Another good one that's going to keep the pace up in class.3.

Belinda, having already with Peter Mackay (Come on, you know they did it), proceeded to steal his wallet when he couldn't pay.

[Groan] I checked it out on Thursday, just to compare the real deal to the negative reviews.

A large chunk of the exhibit seems dedicated to design solutions that are addressing the unintended consequences of design solutions (thought that's never acknowldged). Trudeau was always a proven ratings winner, a traffic jump happened right after we supported Trudeau during the Greatest Canadian nonsense:. Which reminds me, Christie [above, centre, blurry blob in black right above Trudeau's mug], is leaving. .[ tv ]REPORTER: Can you tell us how you came to your decision to cross the floor? Sith's new character General Greivous was not much of a General nor was he particularly greivous. The characeter wastes time that could have been better spent.

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She also showed an affinity for business (mostly brothels and massage parlors) and economics .

but the problems themselves were created by design decisions, like the form of suburbia. MERV: He was standing right next to you and Bob right at the end! And she's moving to Brooklyn or some such place this weekend. Suddenly, the path was clear.[ /tv ]ALICE: It's your stupid chart again! At the end, she's clearly dying and someone observes that there's no explanation for it, she seems to have "lost the will to live".

The "solutions" are only bandaids; the hybrid cars will cut oil consumption but won't solve or ease a host of other problems sprawl creates. Details about this Friday's send-off can be found on her website ... BLAMB: Listen, you can't start blaming everything that happens in the world on me, just because people choose to use that graphic. So, after being depicted as a tough, smart, principled person during movies 1 & 2, in the end her character is just some doormat who can't live without her man, even though she just had two kids to take care of. Song playing right now: This Tetris cover (2.2Mb, mp3) I found on one of the sites on that audioblogger list.

Belinda Caroline Stronach (born May 2, 1966) used to be a cabinet minister in the backwater nation of Canada, until she got kicked out of office for rooting on the boardroom table.

She currently serves as the Critic of Photo Ops and the Critic of Screwing Bill Clinton. Belinda was last seen on November 16, 2006, But, unfortunately she was found alive and well sometime around April, 2007. But she is not seeking re-election and she is going back to Magnamonolith.

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