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Fundamentally this is wrong and unauthenticated because Shri Ram, Shri Krishna, King Harishchandra and several kings and public of those time did guru like Guru Vashishth and Rishi Sandeepan and those all gurus knew thoroughly the knowledge of four Vedas, yajna, ashtang yoga.I would request you to go through my 17 lectures of yoga at the top of this web site also.Swami Ramswarup: Bhim had Ghtothkach from Hidimba, the only son. But this is history and we must remember it to make alive the culture to maintain the only good task in present life.Otherwise we must always recite and remember the holy name of God for getting peace. What do one need to know when seeking a living Guru? The eternal culture of the universe are four Vedas the knowledge of which is generated in the heart of four Rishis by God himself.So a complete guru is he who knows four Vedas and ashtang yoga and complete knowledge of karma, upasana and gyan.In this connection Yog Shashtra sutra 1/26 also says that first guru is God and we must follow his knowledge of Vedas through present guru.The ancient Rishis were of simple-living whereas present gurus have long-long so many cars, assets, luxuries, etc., etc.

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I have explained meaning of gayatri mantra on the web site.

So please try to sit for meditation and chant on gayatri mantra, by hook and crook.

You can go to garden early in the morning to chant and meditate there.

Soul thus does not eat, does want home, clothes etc., soul is away from all these requirements because all worldly requirements are meant for only body.

Soul is hungry only to listen pious preach about God.

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