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I am 19 and have recently started watching femdom and ballbusting videos. Well 3 young guys came up to me and started talking... When i went to the bar i bumped into this man who i started talking too.

"If a woman speaks and acts in ways that are expected of a woman, she will be liked but may be underestimated.

Instead of saying, 'hey guys' or 'hello ladies', why not say, 'hi everyone', 'hi team'?

"However, 'guys' is not the only inappropriate phrase commonly directed at women in the workplace.

1) A woman (also affectionately called a bitch) who challenges the virility and dominance of a man by utilizing verbal abuse and/or by controlling social situations usually controlled by the men.

2) A woman who is so bitchin' and intelligent that most men fear openning their mouth in her presence, much less making a sexual advance.

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