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Read full story Over the festive season thousands of Australians will fall in love, often with people they meet online.

But plenty of these matches are destined not to last the distance – not because they are holiday romances but simply because most early courtships don’t work out. Read full story What happens when an ageing baby boomers finds themselves suddenly single?

I found myself 57 and single, after a 20-year marriage.

I certainly wasn’t looking for the love of my life – just some cheerful male company.

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Read full story This gentle, cheerful man had been struggling unsuccessfully with online dating for over two years when I first started working with him. That photo – oh dear, talk about a bad, thinning hair day!Bettina’s online dating coaching service helps beginners – men and women – to get into the swing of things plus those struggling unsuccessfully with the dating process to revamp their profiles and increase their chances.It all started when friends turned to her for help writing their profiles.Watch some of our live TV interview to learn more: We do this using a variety of strategies ranging from NLP (neuro linguistic programming) coaching through to teaching practical psychology and strategies so clients become empowered with the tools they need to take control of their own minds and move forward to their success.We respect your privacy and all enquiries are kept strictly confidential so you can contact us now to find out if dating coaching in Sydney from The Legends Academy is right for you.

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