Atlanta dating jewish

Though she has tried matchmaking, she said she often was paired with much older men, and she has failed to meet the right person with JDate and other dating apps.She said she has found that most of the men on Match and JDate are not Jewish.“I don’t like labels and don’t like telling people what kind of Jew I am.” Although Appelrouth has been advised by people she respects that there aren’t any people out there worthwhile, she remains hopeful.“I don’t know if that’s true and don’t think it is, but I hear that when you get to a certain age, you’re just better off being alone, as people have so much baggage.” In addition to JSwipe, Appelrouth has used but was surprised to find that most of the men trying to date Jewish women are not Jewish themselves.“I’m trying to do those things that were meaningful for me, but it’s challenging.” Others who spoke to the AJT requested varying degrees of anonymity.While the newspaper does not usually grant such requests, we did so for this article in the belief that the general issues older singles are facing are more important than the specifics of individual cases.

“A lot of the men are not going to ask me out because even though I keep kosher, I still drive on Shabbos and am not in a position to have a match made.” She said her age often plays a role in meeting someone.I find it amusing but am also taking the time to really ask myself what I really want, which I don’t know yet.” One of the things Appelrouth has found challenging about the apps is the requirement to declare a Jewish denomination.“I can’t really put myself in a box, which is why I hesitated to sign up for JDate,” she said.Appelrouth has never used a matchmaker but may be willing to do so in the future.“It’s a prickly transition and shift in a person’s consciousness,” she said about the difference between thinking of yourself as a widow and seeing yourself as single.

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