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If you’re using an AMD graphics card you might face some problems after installing Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Some users report that when they try to to install their AMD drivers, the installation couldn’t be finished because of an error involving a ‘detection driver.’ Fortunately the solution for this problem is very simple and works not just in Windows 10, but in Windows 8/8.1 also.

Updating drivers manually is very annoying, so we recommend you to download this driver updater tool to do it automatically.

Thus, you will prevent file loss and even permanent damage to your computer.

If you are not tech-savvy, the easiest way to update ATI CCC is by uninstalling the older version of the program and performing a clean install of latest ATI CCC package.

We've recently become aware that playing Diablo III with the latest Catalyst 12.4 drivers for ATI cards may cause some visual artifacts for specific hardware configurations.

When the process is finished all your default drivers will be uninstalled and your screen will look like you have a standard VGA driver installed.

When you don’t have any AMD drivers installed on your computer, restart the AMD Catalyst setup and you should install your AMD Catalyst drivers normally.

ATI Radeon HD 4600, 4700, 4800, 5000, 60 series products are unaffected, as is Windows XP. Until a solution can be provided we recommend those affected use the Catalyst 12.3 drivers.Let’s look at some common errors related to ATI catalyst control center in Windows 7You may get this error when trying to load the ATI Catalyst control center.Reason: One of the reasons for this Catalyst control center problem is corrupted Windows Global Assembly Cache (GAC)Solution: AMD provides updates to ATI Catalyst Control Center.AMD Catalyst™ updates are focused on improving graphics performance, including enhancements for popular Direct X®, Mantle and Open GL game titles.Every AMD Catalyst™ driver release undergoes exhaustive testing but we set the bar even higher with this latest driver release.

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