Asexual dating in seattle

Asexual: If you took biology, “asexual” probably makes you think of spores or plants.However, in humans, asexual describes someone who is not interested in sexual intercourse.If not, at least it’ll keep my typing fingers nimble…Either way, I don’t claim to speak for all asexuals. I made the discovery in April 2011, after years of thinking that I just wasn’t any good at being straight.We have thousands of singles that just can't wait to talk to someone just like you!

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My goal with this site is make sure that good information stays visible, whether it’s a day old or five years old.My series years ago didn’t mention some of the sexual orientations that are rapidly gaining recognition and descriptive language, and that anyone involved in a teen’s life has a good chance of hearing about; if not in relation to their teen, in relation to a peer.The two most common sexual orientations that I am hearing teens increasingly identify as are asexual and pansexual.I’m a cismale with a currently undetermined romantic orientation that lives somewhere close to aromantic, but with just enough heteroromantic touches sprinkled into it to keep things confusing.I currently live outside of Seattle and work in the software industry.

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