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When Abraham decided it was time for Isaac to marry, he sent his servant to find Isaac a bride from among his own family in Mesopotamia (Gen. Laban thought it better to give his daughter to Jacob, a nephew, rather than to a stranger (Gen. Samson's father was dishearten when Samson wanted to marry out of their tribe (Judges 14:3).

Father Abraham felt the responsibility of procuring a wife for Isaac (Gen. Hagar, after she was expelled from the camp of Abraham, sought out a wife for Ishmael from among the Egyptians (Gen. It was Jethro who gave Zipporah, his daughter to any man who could capture Diriath-sipher (Joshua 15: 16,17), and Saul who offered his daughter to anyone who could kill Goliath, the boastful champion of Philistines (1 Sam. It has been said among the peoples of the Middle East, that if a man, during his life time, has given all his children in marriage "it sounds well in the ears of the fellahin".The Motif of the Go-Between When a girl is found that suits the taste of the father, and sometimes more importantly the mother, there are a few preliminary details that need to be done before the formal betrothal negotiations begin.These are often accomplished by a go-between or deputy.Indeed, understanding the Arab customs concerning marriage will illuminate and clarify many biblical references concerning marriage.This paper will focus on modern Arab marriage customs and similar marriage customs that existed in biblical times.

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