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The biometrics appointment is typically 1 month AFTER you receive the I-797C notice of action saying that USCIS has received and is processing your application. Second, on Affidavit of support, I live with my daughter and never worked in USA nor filed tax return. Is my status of not filled tax here jeopardize my kids GC application?I don’t believe each field office has its own timelines. Q: I’m a GC holder and sponsored my daughter and son. Do I need to back fill tax even if I never had an income?Considering above, my husband insist I stay in US and he files the I-130 for me, I-130 for my 13 yrs old son (who is abroad with my parents), together with me filing I-485.What is the quickest and cheapest (fees-wise) way to adjust the status and bring to live with us my 13 yrs old son, who already has B2 valid for next 2 years ? A: Your husband just needs to file 1 I-130 which would indicate that you and your child will be sponsored for a green card.You should say things like she visited and liked what she saw and decides she wants to pursue a life in America and be closer to her son, etc.

Your son can come to the US now on the B2 visa and then wait for the application to be approved and do an AOS.Is now a good time to schedule an info pass to check on the application status? If you have and are simply waiting on the interview appointment, then I would suggest waiting a bit longer.You should have the biometrics appointment already as well, so find out why that has not been scheduled, if not already done so. Incidentally it appears that we happened to observe the 30/60/90 days rule, my VISA and I-94 are both still valid for few month, so all seems to be in our favor.The best and most reliable advice is always from a good immigration lawyer. From what I understand, they will eventually transfer our case to the National Visa Center, at which point the process will finally begin.Q: I’m a US citizen trying to get my husband a Green Card. Part of this process will include the National Visa Center asking about my salary. Or is our application purely based on determining that our marriage is a real one?

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