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The article reported that the police raid took place early on the morning of May 10, leading to the discovery, according to authorities, of six completely undressed men in the restroom, with the other men rousted from elsewhere in the building.

The police also said that they had confiscated a large number of condoms, and that, in the words of an assistant police commander, Azam Abd Hamid, "We also found used condoms littered all over the place." The article cited Hamid as saying that 14 men were arrested at the center and had been detained as an investigation into sexual activity at the fitness center continued.

It was reported that another group of 50 transvestites who were preparing to join the "Miss Universe Asia 2008" contest managed to escape arrest – several of whom dived into a nearby river.

About 300 people were at the hotel to watch the event.

Toni was diagnosed with fourth stage duodenal cancer in February, and had undergone chemotherapy once.

She also practised reiki as an alternative treatment.

by Staff Writer, Pink uk A leading opposition politician in Malaysia temporarily took refuge in the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur yesterday after his assistant accused him of sodomy.

The men were all between the ages of 20 and 30, according to the Star article.

The article recounted that one of the earlier police raids took place last Nov.

The student rewrote the national approach with government critics, opposition parties, and human rights activists.

On September 8, police in Terengganu used water cannons and tear gas to disrupt an opposition party-sponsored rally on election reform after political leaders assembled and marched to the National Palace to petition the king for electoral reform measures.

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