Am dating a married man

You start the affair without intentions of an involved love affair.

You figure you'll just have some fun and before you know it, you're caught up.

Here's my conclusions on why women get involved with married men.

Its not love because its always the same old story.

" All the old feelings I had for him came flying in like they had never left.

He invited me to visit him and he flew me 400 miles away from home and we enjoyed a passionate, whirlwind romance.

He's not your soulmate, the love you share is not magical and he will never leave his wife.That doesn't mean that all the feelings suddenly left.I just grew up and grew tired of the situation after 4 years. I wanted a full time man and I began my search within this world full of men for the perfect one that would be able to be there, ALL of the time. After I got out of that situation which lasted from 19-23, I reconnected with an old flame that I learned had married and had a child since our last connection.The fact that he's "taken" is proof of his desirability.The fact that another woman's husband wants her is proof of hers.

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