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I grew up a pink-loving, kitty-obsessed girly-girl with Barbies bursting from their storage boxes and enough baby dolls to fill five cribs. I guess one way to test that might be to repeat the measurement in different countries and see if there's any correlation with measures of the gender gap.

Today I'm clueless when it comes to make-up, getting my Ph D in the sciences, and wearing blue shoes next month in my blue-themed wedding. Though perhaps I should address that make-up issue before I walk down the aisle.

Wernicke's area, involved in language comprehension, is 13% large in women.On the other hand, adult men tend to have significantly greater parietal lobe surface area, a feature correlated with superior mental rotation of objects.If a boy avoiding a pink doll isn't responsible for the size of his Broca's area, then what's with all the controversy over pink toys?Pink toys designed to foster language skills may discourage boys from similar opportunities, whereas boys may be acquiring critical spatial skills from blocks and other "boy toys." A convincing argument—however, it lacks evidence.Adult men and women have characteristic neuroanatomical differences, though this is likely due to nature over nurture.

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