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We spent most of our time in the bush where 80% of the country's population lives. The new stoplight, misplaced not quite at Goroka's main intersection, is a local attraction.

Goroka is a main town in the highlands, the part of PNG discovered by the outside world only in our generation.

Squinting through the rising dust and a commotion of thirty proud, topless dancing girls, there I business. I spent a week in September 1997 in Papua New Guinea making a video for the Lutheran church.

We had two goals: 1) to highlight the Lutheran program of matching church districts — like sister cities — between developed and developing countries, and 2) to help Christians understand that "Love one another" is a command, loud and clear, to think and act globally.

In an annual flexing of tribal muscles, countless clans send dancing groups to the Goroka cultural festival every September.

The rugby field seethes with heavily greased and painted troupes.

On an Air Niugini prop jet we connected to Goroka, a small town wrapped around a jungle airstrip.

The core of a typical village has a school, church, clinic, and sports field.

About 500 dancers performed more for each other than for the hundred local onlookers.

Having filmed the country's grandest "display of culture," we headed for the bush where locals were dressed in the actual national costume — secondhand western clothes.

Taking 6 kina (), my loin-clothed teacher lightly fingered each tip: "Pig...pigeon.." Independent from Australia only since 1975, Papua New Guinea is a diverse country — about the size of Arizona — with 800 tribal languages.

A new national language, one of the youngest on Earth, was developed after WWII.

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