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With the wave of gentrification in East Austin, many of us are concerned about the lack of affordable housing and about retaining our sin- gle-family zoning.

East Austin, according to the urban farm ordinance, is the only part of town where people can buy one to five acres of land, regardless of zoning, and create urban farms.

Again , slaughtering and selling chickens is allowed on an urban farm in SF-3 zoning in the urban farm ordinance under agricultural uses. jm W _ // ll If If Jf f n J flf jf J 1 / I 17 11 k 1 APRIL19,2013 the Austin chronicle 7 continued from p.6 Additionally , the unban farm ordinance does not state that East Austin is the only part of town where urban farms are permitted.

I am sure that we can work together to keep urban farms without losing our single- family homes and/or single-family zoned lands. Letters may not be edited, added to, or changed by sender once we receive them.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR must be signed with full name and include daytime phone number, full address, or email address. General email address: [email protected] forum: Mailing address: The Austin Chronicle, PO Box 49066, Austin, TX 78765 We must work together so that all families are growing their own personal crops and sustaining themselves.

And thank you, personally, for contribut- ing your leadership and wisdom to the East Feast 2022 movement to create Austin’s first public food forest in the Holly Shores/Edward Rendon Sr. Your experiments are help- ing us get closer than ever to sustainable urban farming solutions.

Thank you to Heather Frambach and the Sustainable Food Policy Board for embracing the challenge of creating new rules to advance the public good as we experiment in creating a healthy and just food system.

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