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Since that’s not enough of her…here she is: 1-In Another Magazine CLICK HERE 2- At an Event Who Cares CLICK HERE In more intersting news, speaking of Justice League Premiere….check out this Brooke Ence Crossfit Games winner turned actor…bitch is SCARY…and there’s definitely a fetish up in here…..

Britney Spears posted up some mom pushing 40 workout pics the other day – because her fitness is all she has or is allowed in the prison that is her multi-million dollar making life…

I have been reporting every nipple I see on social media – not because I don’t like nipples – but because I feel slighted by society because I was always about FREEING THE NIPPLE – but I was never able to monetize it because advertisers called me porn – and now – all of a sudden it’s trendy and art and all these fuckers post their nipples – making my existence obsolete – because no one needs to go to one site that posts all the nipples – but rather they can just go to instagram, zuckerberg monopolizing on EVERYTHING…fuck that guy…So this may or may not be a nipple from instagram of a model named Daphne Groeneveld who I find hot, but I’ve been told by people who know her that she’s pretty fucking weird looking in person…which makes sense.face is like a muppet…and we don’t need to worry about her in person.will never happen…so take in the pictures…right…right.Phoebe Price, better known as the goddess of Tennessee who is now in Hollywood, who pre-internet was able to get shot by the paparazzi by hanging out at the right LA places, thanks to LA being a place that attracts people looking for fame and willing to take it wherever they can…Her face looks old, tired, a mess…but she exists…and I guess we should encourage her to continue destroying rich guys with her vagina…it’s a talent and they do deserve to be taken out….I still have a warm place in my heart for Emma Roberts…of the original rich kid, hollywood kids, who decided to act… She’s cute, she’s stylish and there’s something about her that I like…probably her daddy issues…but then again, whether her dad is famous or not famous, or in Eric Roberts’ case a bit of both, he was a star too famous to bother with kids, then he fell off into drugs and self destruction while this one sat on the sidelines left disappointed by him…and I can only hope that left a mark on her soul…being an outsider…I tell myself it did…it just makes her overall being that much better…

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